We are just like that frog from the story who thought the well in which he lived is the only world out there. His imagination was limited to the diameter of that well that was filled with water, stones, and plants. Just like the frog we humans are stuck on one thing that whatever we see is the only reality and nothing else matters. But out there on this same planet on which 7.7 Billion people reside there is a world that is a hub of some most unknown creatures living on the same planet with us. This guy saw something moving, unaware of what it was he picked it up and was taken aback by its true identity. He even solved the only case that happened on this island in the year 1937.

Strange World

Christmas Island might give a mental image of a beautiful place with mountains covered in snow, millions of stars twinkling in the night, and reindeers running in a group and who’s that? Santa? Sorry to break your heart, this place located in the Indian Ocean is nothing like what you imagined but a place where lots of strange things exist even today. What did he find and how did he solve the mystery that revolved around Christmas Island? You’ll see soon…

Unbelievable Christmas Island

Spread in 135 square kilometers, Christmas Island shares its territory with Indonesia in the south and Australia in the northwest. Christmas Island is the top of a basalt volcano which grew steeply 5,000 meters from the sea level about 60 million years ago. The Murray Hill is the highest point of the island that rises to 361 meters above the ocean floor.

Small History

This out of reach island felt a human presence for the first time in 1887, when a small group of British explorers stepped on this island after crossing the dense jungle and accumulated rock specimens of nearly perfect phosphate of lime. In November 1888, owner of the Cocos (Keeling) Islands, George Clunies-Ross, sent his brother Andrew and a small group of Cocos Malay workers to the island to establish a settlement at Flying Fish Cove. From there the mystery of this island has been baffling its visitors with something or the other just like this guy who found one the most amazing and astonishing thing ever found.

Our Protagonist

Man Sees Funny Looking Creature, Decides to Pick Him Up

Mark Pierrot knows the surroundings of Christmas Island like really well. He has been coming to the same island for many years now. It is the mystical nature of the island that excited him the most. The island has been very influential in his life that keeps wandering the deep forests of this island. No one can say for sure what all this island has been hiding from this world even today. Fortunately, Mark solved the only mystery that was lurking around.

Unknown World

It’s not every day that people are discovering the secrets of this island, but that day when Mark decided to explore the other area of the island that was always at the back of his mind he made this unfathomable discovery that changed his life forever. Mark stepped into an unknown world that managed to stay hidden from the outer world for many years but it was his destiny that made him look this side of the island.

What Happened In 1937?

It was in 1937 when a plane crashed on this island and the pilot was none other than the famous Amelia Earhart. People found the wreckage of the ship but the body of Amelia was never found even after a long search all over the island she was nowhere to be seen. The world was confused to see that how was it even possible? The plane was here but the pilot wasn’t? What happened to her?