Other Cat FriendsChaperoned Walks

There were other cats in the area and Bandit was purring most of the time because he could sense their smell. Fran just couldn’t leave him outside like that. Fran knew the risks involved in allowing Bandit to follow his natural instincts. So, the pair had to compromise somewhere or the other.

Chaperoned WalksStrange Behavior

Fran started to take Bandit to daily walks. This way Bandit was able to satisfy his curious nature and make him more comfortable with the surroundings. After evening walks, Bandit used to get so tired that he would jump on the bed and will be there until next morning. But one evening he started behaving differently.

Post Walk Weirdness

Like every other day, Fran took Bandit for his daily walks and returned home quickly as Fran’s daughter was waiting for her. Bandit, as always, tired, laid on the bed and didn’t wake up for quite a while. Fran was busy talking to her girl when suddenly Bandit woke up and went to the main door and starting meowing. 

Strange Behavior

Fran and her daughter were in the living room. Bandit was meowing loudly and Fran tried to ignore him for a while but Bandit wasn’t ready to give up. Fran was surprised to see this stubborn cat. Bandit never behaved like that before. So, Fran thought to distract him with something better but will that work?

A Little Distraction

Fran threw a few of Bandit’s toys in his direction thinking that cat will get distracted. But Bandit didn’t even pay slightest of attention to his favorite toys. If it would be any other day, Bandit would spend his entire day playing with those toys, however, this day was different.

Getting Her Attention

When nothing seemed to be working Fran went closer to Bandit and said in a strict tone, “No!” She thought this will be enough to calm the cat but that wasn’t true. The tabby sat at her place and looked straight into Fran’s eyes and kept on staring her. Fran asked her daughter to look at the cat and the way he was staring at her.