What is your pet to you? Is it your best friend? Your baby? Your everything? Your way to escape that loneliness? Well, in moments of help, they can also be your saviors. Several times in the past, pets have behaved strangely which led their owners to some strange realizations or discoveries. Has your pet ever behaved strangely? Was it just another mood swing or was it more than that? Have you ever wondered the reason behind it?

After knowing this old woman’s story you’ll definitely take your furry friends’ weird behavior seriously.

Bandit, The Cat

Bandit had two sides, one playful, other, sleepy. These were the two moods of this tabby’s life. However, on one fateful day, he was everything but normal. No one ever thought that this cat’s action will force his owner to call 911. The owner of the cat was scared if it was too late, was it?

Feline CompanionShocking Discovery

Fran Swayze is a native of Buena Vista Seniors Community, Cleburne, Texas. Fran couldn’t be any more thankful that Bandit, the kitty was by her side on that life-changing day. So far, Fran didn’t know one of the most important qualities of Bandit. In a way, Fran was more than just lucky to have a companion like Bandit and she was about to realize it soon.

Stray Cat

Bandit was found as a stray kitten on the roads. His mother was nowhere near him. The people who rescued him couldn’t find a forever home for him. Later on, he was dropped at a no-kill shelter home where he spent the first year of his life. It was one fine day that Bandit caught the eyes of the right person that everything changed for the tabby tomcat.

The One For HerThe One For Her

Bandit was a blessed cat as out of all the other cats in the no-kill shelter he was the only one who went to a forever home with Fran. However, Fran needed an animal’s company to cheer her up she wasn’t sure if he was the right choice for her. Although she had a doubt if Bandit will be able to adjust in a new environment he was worth taking a risk. So, even when she was unsure Fran quickly signed the adoption papers and took him home.

Feel It HomeNatural Instincts

When Fran took Bandit home, it didn’t take him more than an hour to get comfortable in the new place. Fran was now certain that this is where Bandit belonged. But there was a bigger issue for them than anything else and it was a very small place where Fran lived, especially when Bandit was a hyperactive cat.

Natural InstinctsFeline Companion

Fran quickly understood that Bandit will not live within those four walls. He was more interested in the outside world and the neighborhood kittens than staying back at the small room. Adopting a cat is trickier than one can imagine. Same happened when Bandit started living with Fran. Bandit used to purr during midnight due to his natural hunting instincts.