There are times when a person stumbles upon something extraordinary that has the ability to change the world. The same happened when this man who wasn’t archeologist by profession made the discovery of the century that changed the way we see the world. This story is so interesting if someone tries his/her hands on making a film about it he/she won’t regret the decision. You’ll be surprised to see how things happened and this guy who was just doing his regular job that day discovered the most amazing thing that made some great scientists intervene. The scholars were left speechless as this was the first time they were seeing something like that which made them rethink about everything they knew about the past events.

The Beginning…

This guy from Alberta, Canada was on his job working when he came face to face something unbelievable that changed everything for this guy. Unable to explain what it was as he was only seeing some parts of it, things were getting really out of his hands. He wanted to check what it was but was afraid to it. There have been several cases where people have found some unwanted things that led them into deep trouble. He was aware of that and decided to stay away from it. But curiosity kicked in and he made the most amazing discovery of the century.

Can’t Help It

After seeing some parts of it he couldn’t tell what actually it was. At first, he thought it was some weird rock but he was wrong. He was taken aback by it but didn’t dare to touch for an obvious reason. He knew that if somehow he won’t see what it actually was he might not be able to sleep in the night. Mesmerized by that thing his feet started to move as if they have a mind of its own. The next moment he was washing off the sand from it and there it was…

Our Protagonist

Shawn Funk, a heavy machinery operator was doing the same job which he is been doing for twelve years with an energy company named Suncor. Though his job was tough he was happy, it was consistent and he loved his job. That day when he made this amazing discovery he was stationed at the Millennium Mine in Fort McMurray. He was doing his job when the machine he was operating hit something unusual.

Risky Job

Shawn’s job wasn’t an easy one as there have been times when there was a possibility that he could fall into a stupor while¬†operating the huge machine that is used to cut through the layers of soil, sand, and rock. In his twelve years of the job, he hasn’t seen anything interesting except one time he found some fossilized wood, which was not even close to what he found this time. Shawn looked into the bank below and was stunned to see that there was something unusual lying covered in sand. What did he see?

Notify The Seniors

Curbing his curiosity he decided to tell his seniors about his discovery. He ran towards his manager who wasn’t there He was out in the field inspecting the work. Shawn had to find him as soon as possible because there were other workers too who were working with Shawn and he didn’t want them to touch it as it was something that can attract anybody. Though he made sure to cover it with the sand and parked his machine in such a way that blocked the area where he spotted that thing.

Where Is The Manager?

Shawn who was searching for his manager kept dodging his co-workers’ question as they wanted to know why he was in a much of a hurry. He was running back and forth in the office searching every room and then somebody told him that the manager is out in the field. Shawn who didn’t even hear the whole sentence ran towards the field and his manager could see Shawn running towards him and the manager realized it must be something urgent, so even he started running towards Shawn.