Art is a piece of our soul. It is a way to communicate with our innermost being for both the artist and observer. The same piece of art summons diverse emotions depending on the person, their perspective, their experience of life. Some people try to discover the greater meaning behind the colors and the brush strokes while some see nothing but a colorful blob on a canvas.

Teri Horton belonged to the latter category. One fine morning, she was at a thrift store to buy a gift for her friend when she spotted a massive “messy looking” painting. Teri assumed it would be funny to get it for her friend as a joke. What she didn’t comprehend was that this was no ordinary painting and this little joke will change the course of her life forever.

Meet Teri

Teri Horton, 74, is a retired long haul truck driver with an eighth-grade education. She is a feisty, independent, single woman who spent her whole life working in a male-dominated profession. But she loved her job. It is a possibility she went into that job because it suited her personality so well.

Thrift Haul

It was a warm morning in California. Teri was on her way to a thrift store. She was a big fan of thrift stores. It was on her trucking routes when she discovered her love for thrift stores and antique stores. She loved exploring it and finding quirky things for her. This morning, however, she wasn’t going to shop for herself.

Shopping For BFF

Teri was on the mission of buying something for her best friend. She was going through a rough breakup and Terry wanted to buy something that will cheer her up. She thought she will get her a “gag gift”, something to make her laugh.

The Store

Teri pulled up in front of the store. The store was wedged between two tall buildings. The sign was old, some letters had become illegible in the peeling paint. But the window was clear and the objects on exhibit were popping. Teri pushed open the door and stepped inside.

Spotting The Gift

Teri was browsing the store, trying to find something for her friend when her eyes found a massive painting. It had innumerable colorful lines all over the canvas. Teri’s first thought was that it was an ugly-looking painting, it had nothing to look at. But it was exactly this thought that made her buy it.

Haggling For The Painting

Teri thought it will be funny to give this massive weird painting to her friend. It didn’t have a price tag attached to it so Teri approached the counter to ask the man sitting behind it. Without even looking up at her, the clerk said “$8”. Teri didn’t want to spend that much on a gag gift. She challenged him saying she will buy it for $5 only.