To live the rest of your life with an underlying disability is a lot tougher than it may sound. There are many people who suffer from a physical disability that comes to them out of nowhere and most of the time they have to adapt with it and lead their life the way it is now. Such was the case with a man named Gene Purdie from Denver, Colorado. He lost his vision in his early teenage years but somehow managed to live a normal life but one day he regained his ability to see in the most unexpected way ever. Read this incredible story of how this man’s life changed when he least expected it.

The Life Of A Blind Man

We should be more grateful for the things we have instead of going on complaining about the meaningless things that are missing in our lives. Can you imagine going a day blindfolded where you can’t literally see anything around? A day where you can’t see your family and loved ones and all those beautiful things that the world has to offer. An inability to see takes away a sense of freedom from us, what is life without all the colors that scream out loud and are appealing to our eyes? Unfortunately, there are many out there who have to spend a lifetime dealing with this loss and the consequences that follow.

Not Blind By Birth

The man wasn’t visually impaired since his birth and in fact, his eyes would function as good as that of a healthy individual. Life was all good for Gene Purdie till the early teenage years of his life and he has never had trouble with his vision before one day. Gene had spent his childhood doing the things he loved the most like reading comic books, playing video games, watching his favorite shows and what not but soon everything would change at the drop of a hat…

Trouble Seeing

Gene was a schoolboy when he first had trouble with his vision. His vision had gradually started to fade and he initially thought to be short-sighted turned out to be something of far more greater extent. The little boy relied on his glasses for a perfect vision but after a few months his condition started to worsen and it was time for him to see an eye specialist.


The boy’s symptoms had started to worsen within a couple of months after he was first diagnosed for weak eyesight. He initially had trouble in reading the letters but now he had trouble in recognizing people’s faces as all he could see was a blurred sight. Gene visited the doctor along with his parents and they were all hoping that it wasn’t something serious and their teenage boy would recover under medical attention but the doctor’s revelation turned their world upside down.

Stargardt’s Disease

After going through a series of tests, Gene was unfortunately diagnosed with Stargardt’s disease. To tell you, this is one of the most commonly inherited visual disease which is caused due to the retinal dysfunction. Yes you read it right, this disease is inherited and Gene was born with it. However, he was diagnosed much later when he was 16 years of age.

The Worst Happens

Gene was diagnosed with Stargardt’s disease and he was suffering from progressive vision loss. His eyes were aging and his symptoms started to worsen as he couldn’t see a thing in the absence of light and he even had a hard time recognizing familiar faces. As there was no possible cure for this disease, the medications even failed to control the symptoms and there came a time when Gene had lost his vision.