A Friendship

Margaret asked the couple that once she gives birth to their child, she would be allowed access to those kids. She won’t be denied the chance to meet them and also the couple would maintain a friendly tie to her. She thought it would mean that the child will be able to get the love of all three of them. After thinking for a while the couple agreed to this condition, but soon only the alarming bells were ringing…

First Attempt

In the month of December, the very first attempt at transplanting the fertilized egg into Margaret’s womb was made. Luckily the attempt was a success. The couple was overjoyed that finally, they will be stepping into parenthood. But, as a month passed the fetus did not show any signs of growth and the concerned doctors decided to go for a second attempt.

Second Attempt

Initially, the couple was scared, but as they had another fertilized egg, the doctors infused this one into surrogate’s womb. This was done in the month of February. The couple just prayed for the healthy development of their child and had all their hopes to this egg. And as another month passed, the unexpected hit them.


When Margaret was called for her routine check-up, the trio was baffled by the unexpected. The doctors told them with utter surprise that the egg they infused in the month of December was now showing the signs of growth and the one transplanted in February was also growing. This meant Margaret was carrying a set of twins for the couple. This must have been a piece of exciting news for them, but it did not seem so.

Something Suspicious

Margaret was a little worried. As she was already 42 years in age, she was concerned about her maternal health when it came to giving birth to twins. To be sure of her medical health, she informed COTS about the same. While on the other side, the couple too did not show much excitement. This all and more bothered Margaret. Just then she came to know about something, that changed the destiny of the unborn kids in a second.

A Thought

While discussing her case with the doctor, Margaret asked the expert how would the things be if she decides to terminate one of her babies. Like if it could provide a better future to the other one. It was only a thought that she had and was discussing with the doctor, that at the same moment a representative from COTS informs her about a shocking decision the couple made.