The very first option that this couple had was to adopt a baby, and as they were financially strong enough, the legal matters and adoption costs were something they could easily bear. Despite that, they did not go in for adoption as they wanted the baby to be their own one. So the very feasible option they had was surrogacy.

Search For A Surrogate

The couple knew that surrogacy was the only way through which they will be able to give birth to their own baby via the womb of another woman. Their sperms and eggs could be fertilized outside the womb medically and then the fertilized egg could be transplanted in the surrogate’s womb. But the biggest question was from where would they find a trust-worthy surrogate mother for their child?

COTS At Help

The couple reached out to COTS which was a non-profitable organization that helped the childless couples to experience the joy of parenthood by giving birth to their baby via surrogacy. At COTS, the couple met a woman named Margaret. However, none knew then how steep turn would their lives take in the months to follow.

Surrogate Mother

Margaret was a single mother of 42-years old age. She herself had two kids, one being 14-year old and the other being 16 in age. Though she lived a fulfilling life and was happy with her two sons, when she heard the story of the couple who had been trying for a baby since last six years, she couldn’t refuse to help them. She agreed to help the childless couple.

The Meeting

As a part of the procedure at COTS, a meeting was scheduled between the biological parents and the surrogate mother. It was done in an attempt to familiarise the couple and the woman who would be carrying their baby and to sign on some legal documents. The trio also agreed that the couple would pay Margaret $10,000 in installments to meet her expenses.

A Condition

A few days before this meeting was scheduled, a representative from COTS visited Margaret’s place and gave her the option to chose from three couples to whom she would want to be a surrogate. While she chose this couple due to their sad tale, days after the meeting Margaret also puts forward a condition for the couple. What was she up to?