Golden Triangle

Even after centuries, Victoria is still a cynosure in the world of gold mining. Australia alone exported gold worth $13 billion in the year 2016. Moreover, Victoria alone consists of 2 percent of the total gold present on the planet. The golden triangle had been thoroughly explored and no one would bet on this anonymous man to find a 4.1 kg gold nugget but when he did, he took the whole city by storm as the location where he discovered it was too close to the golden triangle. But he hadn’t been always this lucky.

Not As Easy

Like any other job, the arduous task of gold prospecting has both its pros and cons. Nothing is certain in the world of gold-digging and there are people who spend years looking for a relic or a gold nugget but all they are left with at the end of the day are empty pockets. This anonymous man had been exploring these potential gold sites in Australia for years but his never-give-up attitude eventually worked in his favor.

A Man Has No Name

For the reasons best known to him, the miner kept his identity a secret and the anonymous man explained how he doubted his metal detector back in August 2016 and thought that it was good for nothing. Why wouldn’t he? After years of strenuous efforts and trusting his metal detector, he had only found rust and dirt and he wasn’t expecting much from his stars on that day as well, until…

A Leisure Activity

Prospecting is a full-time job for many who pursues it but there are also people out there who just do it over the weekends or in their leisure time utterly out of passion. This anonymous man belonged to the latter as he would often hang out with his friends and look for gold. While they had never expected much from their hobby, the group of friends had made a pact to equally distribute the value of their findings among themselves if anyone of them ever happened to get their hands on something big. Well, now was the time.

An Opening

This man was out there on a Thursday at the site, just a day before discovering the 4.1 kg gold nugget. You’ll be surprised to know that the 4.1 kg gold nugget wasn’t his only discovery as he had found an opening a day earlier. What the anonymous man discovered a day earlier is nothing in comparison to the 4.1 kg gold nugget but it inspired him to come back again on the next day and the rest is history.

Thursday’s Joy

On Thursday, he had discovered a baseball-shaped nugget of gold that weighed about 9 ounces and that much bling is worth a whopping $10,000 that would be enough for anyone to at least celebrate. He decided to name it Thursday’s Joy but don’t let the value of this baseball-sized nugget distract you from the fact that the “Friday’s Joy: the 4.1 kg gold nugget” is the real deal here as it is worth way more than a not so huge amount of $10,000.