Has any of your hobby ever led you to make tons of money overnight? Before you begin brainstorming, we are not talking about pursuing a hobby that one might turn into a career. A gold prospector from Melbourne, Australia was just wondering around a site all alone with his metal detector in hand when his equipment detected something that changed his life forever. Read this once in a lifetime story of this man and how pursuing a hobby in leisure time made him ridiculously rich, that too overnight.

Gold Prospectors

Professional gold prospectors are often skeptical as they are well aware of metal detectors and their property of making exciting sounds only to find an old penny or simply a metal piece of no real value.. However, if prospecting gold were to be a walk in the park, people would quit their 9 to 5 and pursue the activity rather than working all day to meet their ends. Prospecting gold needs patience and a lot of money is spent to avail the resources required to meet the standards and not all the prospectors share similar objective.

Different Reasons

While many pursue the act of gold prospecting as a career and solely rely on their findings to meet their ends and lead their life. However, there are a few who do it thoroughly out of love and rather take the act as a hobby. From going out alone with their metal detector to searching potential sites with their friends over the weekend, there’s a lot that separates these prospectors. The reasons might differ but what matters the most to everyone is catching the big fish, and to do so one has to throw a big bait.

Expensive Equipment

Even in general, we get over excited about buying that newly launched smartphone which is only 10 percent better than its competitor. It may sound a bit extreme to a few people, but these prospectors are always willing to spend some serious amount of money on those brand new metal detectors to get the better of their rivals or say, competitors. Fortunately, there are times when the investment in these new toys pay off well as this Aussie gold-digger would soon make history with the help of his metal detector.

The GPZ 7000

The hobby of gold prospecting can cost a decent amount to your pocket if you ever think of pursuing it. The Minelab GPZ 7000 metal detector which spotted the Friday’s Joy is quite expensive. It is priced at a whopping $8000, however, the anonymous man and his group that discovered Thursday and Friday’s Joy feel that what they discovered with the help of this incredible tool was certainly worth their money.

Aussie Gold Rush

Australia is a hub of gold and the Victoria Gold Rush alone lasted for more than a decade beginning from 1851 and ending in the late 1860s producing enormous prosperity for the locals, the reason for which was the discovered goldmines in the region. Moreover, the largest gold nugget to have ever been discovered was found right here in Victoria in the year 1869 which also marked the end of an era…

The Largest Gold Deposit

Even the biggest gold nuggets would look like marbles in front of the great gold nugget that was discovered in 1869. This one weighed at 173 pounds, yes you read that right! Pounds, not ounces. The great gold nugget was entitled as the ‘Welcome Stranger’ and it still remains the largest gold nugget to have ever been discovered. Although this great discovery happened hundreds of years ago, the golden triangle would soon make the headlines again.