Fun Begins

Gradually the night started to take its course and so did the fun, everyone around was in a jolly mood and toasted to the upcoming festivals and happiness. Allira had not seen David this cheerful and dancing his heart out in years since they got married. Then in this jolly mood what could have happened that would change their lives forever?

An Unusual Proposal

When Allira was busy with the kids and other guests in the adjacent room, David and his other friends proposed him a dare. David was always the one who would be ready to take any challenges no matter the consequences and had always won the bet. So this time too, he took the challenge without having a clue what he was putting on stake.

The Game

For them, it was just for fun and a little dare without being aware of the consequences and what trouble they were putting David into. Unlike the previous bets he had accepted and won, this was a very unusual bet that his friends had proposed. Would he accept the unusual bet no matter the consequences and prove his daring just like the former days.

Dare Accepted

To everyone’s surprise, David accepted the dare without even giving it a second thought and did what he was asked to do. He completed the dare in no time and everyone applauded with ear-deafening cheer. They were flabbergasted by David’s spirit and was in awe of his courage and daring attitude.

Appraising The Spirit

After David had completed the dare, there was a huge round of applause for his bravery among the boys. Allira heard the applause and looked in the direction of the group in which David was also standing. Unaware of the dare, she cheered them too and clapped, wishing to know what they were rejoicing for. If at all she would have known, she might have stopped the blunder from happening.

Next Morning

After the alarm had rung several times, Allira woke up and snoozed the alarm. As she caught the glimpse of the clock from her half-opened eyes she was totally taken aback that how long she had slept. Usually, David used to wake her with morning tea and today there was no sign of him. She turned to the other side of the bed and he was not there. Where he might have gone in the morning?