Dares always have the potential to ignite passion in people regardless of their age. Some of them are healthy and revitalize the spirit of competition among people but not all of them, the others could cost a person’s valuables on stake. The same happened with an Australian man, David Dowell who took a dare just in fun at the Christmas party but later paid in the most unexpected way.


It was the advent of December and Christmas was approaching, the Dowell’s family had countless invitations to Christmas parties. David Dowell’s letterbox had¬†already flooded with Christmas cards. He was the life and soul of the parties and it was one of those parties that he had met his then-wife.

Perfect Husband

Allira Brickwell knew she had hit a lifetime lottery when she met David one evening at her friend’s party and married him soon after their first meeting. It was an instant connection and an unknown spark that she had felt with him. Even after 15 years of marriage, she could still feel the liveliness.

A Loving Father

David was not only a caring husband but was also a doting father to all his 3 kids. He was everything a woman could expect from a partner. Allira always felt she couldn’t be more lucky to find a husband and a best friend all in one person. Then what happened that her happy world turned upside down?

The Christmas Party

Despite of several invites to the parties, David Dowell had decided to do it differently that year. He called up all his friends and they decided to meet up at one place to celebrate Christmas, it had been years since they all had met so his happiness was on the peak. Moreover, he was enthusiastic to meet his friends’ kids and to know what his friends were up to nowadays.


Soon they started to prepare for Christmas. He had personally handpicked gifts for all his friends. But this was no surprise for Allira that he knew his friend’s choice even after so many years because he had always been the person who would notice and remember every detail. This was one of the reasons why she had fell head over heels in love with him.

The Party

Finally, the day came that they had been waiting and preparing for so long. They packed up the gifts in the car and drove to the destined place. As they reached, they were greeted by their old friends and they started to introduce their wives and kids to each other. David was amazed to see how decades had passed but still, the warmth and love remain unworn.