Somewhere in the house, his grandfather hid something very valuable that he never told about to anybody. His grandfather was getting old and there were times he used to tell him about his precious possession but being a child he didn’t give it much of an attention. One day, he was cleaning the house when he stumbled upon that “thing” which changed his life forever. This story is very interesting as it shows how ignorant this guy was all his life and when he got to know about its true value he was stunned. His grandfather had such a thing in his possession, of which he had told him about but he realized that he wasn’t considerate back then. And now, it was right in front of him ready to change his life. But this story is all about how he found that thing and how things changed for him. So what was it? You’ll find out soon…

Incredible Story

His grandfather was no more and he was also old now. So he decided to move out of the house. This old man from Scottsdale, Arizona was ready to move out of the house. He was prepared and started the first thing that every person who starts moving out of the house does, packing his stuff. While he was doing it, he noticed something that he hasn’t seen in the house. It was covered in dust and he couldn’t make what it was actually. But then he found out what it was in a most interesting way.

Old Age

But why was he moving out of the house? He was moving to a retirement home because of his old age. He wanted to sell all his unwanted belongings before he left for the next journey of his life. And it was during this process he found out something about his grandfather. His grandfather was a proud owner of one of the most famous things in the world of which no boy was aware of. You’ll be surprised to see what was in this guy’s grandfather’s possession.

Lakers Fan

While he was packing his stuff and seeing what all he could sell, he remembered that he has some Lakers memorabilia. He was a Lakers fan and he has collected them for several years. Rather than taking them with him he decided to sell them. But he wasn’t aware that there is something else in the garage that was much more valuable than these Lakers Memorabilia. The auction person had his doubts at first but he somehow knew in his heart that this piece is really genuine.

The Lakers

Lakers are one of the world’s biggest basketball team and this guy thought that his collection might worth something. All over the world, people collect things like cards, old coins and many other things like these. Even this guy who collected Lakers stuff and was looking forward¬†to selling them. He thought they might be of some worth as they were old and in bulk. But to his surprise, the guy who came to check his collection told him that there something else that could be worth a million. He was very confused at the start but then he was told the truth about that one thing which was sitting idle in his garage.

Calling The Expert

He called up a local auction guy and told him about his plan of selling his collection. The auction guy agreed to take a look at this old guy’s collection. The next day Josh Levine was at this old guy’s house who seemed to be waiting for him eagerly. Josh introduced himself and the old guy told him about the collection which was in the garage. Josh was looking at the collection but there was something else in the garage that caught his attention and he kept looking at it.

Meet Josh Levine

Josh Levine owns an auction house in Arizona and agreed to check out the Lakers memorabilia that was in this old guy’s possession. After giving it a hard look even though he was mesmerized by that one thing in the garage he determined that the collection was worth $300. The old man who was still happy after hearing it was confused by the looks Josh was giving. The old man couldn’t understand why he kept looking at the other way. When Josh told him the reason the old man couldn’t believe his ears. What did Josh tell him?