They say that the most amazing thing to be able to do in life is to give life. People often say that among humans, unconditional love can only occur from a parent to his or her child. They say that a child is a bundle of joy that will surely lighten up your life and make it a zillion times better. However, there are many loving couples who cannot procreate even though they want nothing more than to have a child of their own. Thankfully, for these people adoption has been made possible. So, what happened on this day of court hearing when a couple was on the verge of finalizing their adoption? This little toddler’s words will surely leave you stunned…

The Day

So after a very long process of waiting and waiting, the day for this couple to adopt a baby boy in court had finally arrived. They were obviously excited beyond words and were expecting all positive responses from the court.  They had spent about a year trying to prove to the court that they were truly worthy of being parents. So this day the Palmers would finally get to know if their family would grow in numbers…

Utter Silence

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Since they had been patiently waiting for a long time, this day was a truly an emotionally charged day for sure for the couple. Mandi and Tyler could not conceal their emotions and the tension was finally put to rest after the judge issued his final verdict. And as everyone was still grasping what just took place, there was an unexpected word voiced by a toddler, leaving the whole courtroom to pin drop silence.

Server And ProtectorTo Serve And Protect

Back in the year 2010, Tyler Palmer joined with the 101st airborne division of the United States Army. He was not given too much time to get used to the new life he had to live after enlisting. This was due to the fact it had just been twenty days since Tyler finished up with his basic training, then was sent away. He soon went abroad on his first tour to Afghanistan.

Love In The Corner

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Tyler was someone who had always revered soldiers and the military. He had always dreamed of serving his country, to keep it safe and free from threat. After going on his first tour to Afghanistan, Tyler came back home safe and sound, however, like many, his emotional and mental well-being suffered due to the war. Tyler, however, would soon find love, quicker than he expected.

Love At First Sight
Love At First Sight

Tyler would eventually meet Mandi in 2013. The two met just before Tyler had to be sent on his second deployment to the Middle East. Mandi was also someone who had some health issues she was dealing with. So they made a very fitting couple on the note. Even they both individually had their demons to battle, they did not let it stop them from being happy in love.

Love Conquers

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“We knew it would be hard, but we also knew it would strengthen our relationship in ways most people could never understand,” Mandi later revealed in an interview she gave, speaking about her initial feeling when they paired up. Since the two loved each other dearly, they did not wait that long to make it official and have their happily ever after. There were troubled waters ahead though.