Becoming A Firefighter

Becoming a firefighter was Brandyn’s dream and hence he was preparing to enroll in a reputed college to complete his studies. “He wanted to be a firefighter because he wanted to save lives. Running in when everyone is running out,” recalled Angelia. No one ever thought that he’ll put those instincts to use on that family picnic day.

Trouble Holding On
Trouble Holding On

Keira and Brandyn lost track of their distance from the shore and reached in the middle of the lake. Keira was happy and that’s all Brandyn wanted; to see the little girl smile. But it didn’t take long for the happy moments to get over. It all started when Keira had trouble in holding on to the floating device…

SlippedTime To Swim

In an effort of adjusting properly on the floating device, Keira fell off it. Brandyn immediately tried to grab the little girl’s hand but missed. The more Brandyn tried to get her back on the boat, the more she slid away. She didn’t know how to swim and the army vet couldn’t see his girl drowning and knew that he has to jump.

Getting In WaterSlipping Down

Brandyn asked her to hold on and jumped in the water. He tried to push her upwards so that she can climb back on the floating device. What seemed like an easy task was going to be the most challenging thing to be done. Within a few minutes, the whole scene turned from normal to out of control…

Pushing Upwards

Keira started to panic and this made it difficult for Brandyn to get a hold on the little girl and get her back on the floating device. This was the first time something like this happened and she wasn’t even expecting anything like this to take place. Brandyn tried to calm her by shouting to her that everything will be okay. Sadly, that’s not how things were going to turn out to be; okay.

A Horrible Scene
A Horrible Scene

“It’s going to be ok. He’s a great swimmer,” Angelia recalled telling herself. Angelia noticed what was going on from the beach but thought everything was under control. She could see Brandyn helping Keira to get back on the boat. While she was quite certain that everything will be alright, in the middle of the lake the reality was that every moment was bringing them close to death.