If you have never heard of Arachnoiditis, allow us to educate you on this medical condition that is affecting a lot of people. Well, through this article, we will show you what the common causes and the different types of arachnoiditis there are. You can also read about the ways in which one can manage the pain and symptoms that may occur.

What Is Arachnoiditis?

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So what exactly is Arachnoiditis? It is a neurological condition that affects the back inflicting pain, the perineum which is the area between the genitals and the rectum, the legs, arms, and even the feet. Arachnoiditis also impairs the person’s vision, sight, and mobility. Arachnoiditis occurs when the tissues that shield the brain, the nerves, and the spinal cord has been damaged due to a traumatic injury.

A Neurological Disorder

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Arachnoiditis can be explained as a progressive neurological disorder. Arachnoiditis takes place during the time the arachnoid is damaged. The arachnoid is a portion of a group of membranes that puts the brain in a cushion-like safety net along with the spinal cord nerves. If this cushioning is damaged, it would lead to the nerves malfunctioning.

The Mechanism

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The nerves in the spinal cord are layered in multiple thin tissues known as meninges, that help cushion and protect it. The arachnoid mater occurs in the middle tissue of the meninges. If there is any damage done to the arachnoid matter, it would lead to swelling and inflammation. This swelling results in the nerves present in the spine to stick together, altering nerve function and there is intense pain.

The End Results

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Arachnoiditis is usually caused because of an injury. There has been some hereditary arachnoiditis, but the usual people affected by arachnoiditis suffer from the condition after injuring their spine. Arachnoiditis is, as we have mentioned before, a progressive disorder, which means that it would worsen over time if not treated properly. There are even reports of debilitating.

Are There Symptoms?

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The symptoms of arachnoiditis are not the same for every person. It can also change as time goes on. In the initial stages, some people with arachnoiditis tend to mistake it for a muscle or joint injury. Even though muscles and joints hurt, the source of this pain is actually neurological. Therefore, a massage and similar strategies cannot reduce these symptoms.

Common Symptoms

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There may be loads of symptoms that surround arachnoiditis. However, some of the most common symptoms of arachnoiditis would have to be vision changes, pain occurring in the joints or muscles, nerve pain, unusual sensations like ringing in the ears, muscle weakness, a sensation of burn or tingle, changes in hearing, meningitis, or swelling of the meninges.