Nothing There

The way people pointed towards the alley had alerted Michael. He prepared himself for the worst and stepped ahead. Surprisingly there was no one around. The alley was all silent. But then this silence was disrupted by the unknown.

Faint Sounds

The alley was weirdly silent. Michael was even able to hear the sound of his own footsteps. There was wind blowing and cicadas’ chirping. And as Michael stood still and paid attention to any other noise, he gets to hear some faint sounds that startled him. What were they?

A Cat?

The sounds were very low and barely audible. They were faint. But as far as Michael could recall they appeared to be of some cat meowing or something similar. Michael followed the sound and reached to the very corner of the alley. And the sounds were coming from a dumpster. And when he found the source of the sound he was petrified.

Inside It

As Michael reached the dumpster, the sounds became audible. They were coming from inside of the bin. All the while the officer thought that these noises were of a cat or some animal, but they appeared to be a baby’s cry. But that was too vague a thought to come to him. He disposed his thoughts and quickly peeks inside the bin and the sight shocked him.

Oh No

Michael immediately threw away the stuff that was in the dumpster and the sounds grew strong. And as he reached to the bottom of the bin, the source of the sound made the officer’s head revolve like anything and he whispered to himself, “this is unbelievable. How can this be here?”

A Human Newborn

The sight that made Michael breathless was that of a human baby abandoned in that dumpster. The faint sounds were indeed that of a baby crying. The police officer could not believe that someone could do something this inhuman to a newborn. But there was something more which panicked him.