Life is uncertain. One can never predict what the very next second would bring to us. Whether we will be alive or not, whether we will be able to do the same thing again or not, maybe we are so unfortunate that we don’t get to see the next morning sun, or maybe we are lucky enough to cherish each and every moment that comes by. But, have you ever thought what is it like to come across someone who somewhere someday went past us and just passed a smile to you? If not, then my friend it’s time to think and act. Life is beautiful and so does everyone who is a part of your journey is.

Read in here the story of Michael Buelna who is a police officer fulfilling his duties the best. But one day even he did not think that he will have to come across something like this.

Michael Buelna

Michael was on his duty and was performing the usual routine scan in one of the secluded and the dangerous surroundings at Santa Ana, California. As the place was often isolated, officers could be easily tracked there making sure that there is no chaos. However, one night he witnesses major chaos.

Often Seen

It was often seen that once it is night everything stood calm, some back streets of the place would find homeless people and many panhandlers too would roam around. In order to ensure the safety of the residents, many officers like Michael would be there to work. However, that day the unwanted happened.


One particular night, Buelna witnessed an extremely disturbing scene. He, despite being an officer, was terrified by what he saw. After policing for nearly 10 years, he had never come across a sight even a bit close to the horrific one he saw now. What was it?

Appointed There

This story dates back to 1989. While Michael was appointed at other station, one night he was to serve his duty at Santa Ana, as recently a case of the stabbing was reported in that area. While he hoped that the situation was under the control of the officers, soon his hopes shattered.

They Waved

Michael was alert of his surroundings. He was keeping an eye on the very few people that would cross the lonely streets at odd hours in the night. Just when he thought that everything seemed to be fine, a group of people suddenly appeared and waved at him nervously.

That Alley

The people suddenly start to point out to a nearby alley. They shouted from a corner, “Look there, something is there”. And this made Michael alert, he immediately rushes to the alley and he was stunned. He had no clues that he was stepping towards the unbelievable.