What is the strangest thing one could find on a hunting trip? A Tiger, a Cheetah, a Lion or maybe some other terrifying creature that resides in the wilderness. But what if someone comes across something that soothes a person’s soul and terrifies it at the same time?

Destiny had something similar planned when a teenager Dave Hickman went on a hunting trip with his grandfather.

The Teenage Saga

When a boy reaches his teenage, he is determined to prove his machoism to his peers, and what better way to prove his ability than hunting? After all, narrating the adventurous stories to his adrenaline-junky friends is the most foolproof way of getting crowned ‘Cool Kid’ in the school. This was, perhaps, one of the reasons that made Dave want to go on a hunting trip with his grandfather.

Dave Hickman

A resident of Tennessee, Dave was a daring 14-year-old who mapped out a hunting trip to Boston, Indiana just south of Richmond with his grandfather. He did not have the slightest idea as to where this trip would take his life because he had envisioned a hunting trip and not a rescue mission and he was sure as hell not mentally prepared for one.

 The Hunting Trip

When the duo reached the woods, all they wanted was to hunt a few flying squirrels and bond over a conversation. The trip was nothing as planned by a teenage Dave Hickman or his grandfather. According to them, bonding and having fun was the primary purpose of this trip but this was not going to be the only outcome of that trip. It would soon become a life-altering incident for Dave.

 What’s That Noise?

In expectation of finding something to hunt while making their way through woods, they heard an unexpected noise. A noise that did not belong to this wood. The noise was not like one of an animal, it sounded different, it sounded different, it sounded like a human. This was the moment when Dave decided that he’ll search for the source of this noise.

The Quest Begins

Dave started his quest to find the origin of the noise. Dave found that noise very disturbing and was pretty sure that this place is quite an odd place for a sound like that. It was his foolhardiness that made him gather his courage and find the source of the noise in those woods.

An Unexpected Turn

Dave was resolute to find out the source of the noise that did not belong in those woods. Dave remembered, “September 22, 1955, I’d been hunting with my grandfather. And I kept hearing a very odd sound. It wasn’t the sound of a baby crying, it was more of a soft cooing sound. I said, ‘I have to find out what this is.’ So I started walking up the fence.”.