Flock Of Eagle

Suddenly an entire flock of bald eagles ended up coming at the dock. From just one bird to nearly twenty birds the whole boat was covered with eagles. Jessie was taken aback. He had never expected to be surrounded with so many majestic birds. The sight was already scary, and Jessie did something even more dangerous.

Face To Face

Jessie gets on his knees and comes at face to face level with the bald eagles. The eagles looked right at him staring him in his eyes. He knew what he was supposed to do next. Feed them. But this idea did not seem to be that great. Why?

More And More

As Jessie threw fishes at the new entries on the boat, they all gobbled it in a single go. He fed them more. And when he did so, more and more bald eagles came to join their fellow flock members. Everywhere you see, you’ll find bald eagles.

Feeding On Hand

Jessie decides to feed one particular eagle with his hand. He takes a fish and goes very near to its mouth. The bird moves its beak in other direction. As Jessie tried to feed him again the eagle screams. The bird gave him a stern look. Jessie threw away the fish.

Pleasing Sight

Jessie continued to feed the flock of birds. The more and more birds came, more of fishes he offered them. It appeared to be a pleasing sight to him. Feeding birds and seeing them enjoying the meal was all good until Jessie ran out of food. How would birds react to this?


 The bald eagles are the majestic beings. They do not appreciate human presence much and often when annoyed, their behavior is unpredictable. They can even counterattack the person. Now that Jessie had been feeding the birds like anything, a food shortage at this stage might annoy these birds.