While many people consider themselves to be very lucky on spotting a bald eagle because one rarely gets to find one. When a majority of the people were thinking of this fisherman from Alaska to be a lucky one, none really didn’t know that these birds are something not be messed with. Was the guy really lucky or soon would bad luck hit along?


Thankfully, Jessie decided to capture the moment. As if he had not then no one would have ever believed how a single bald eagle at the dock brought with it the unbelievable. The way things unfolded next was truly unexpected.


Though initially scared, Jessie was astonished to see that the bird did not harm or attack him, but came and comfortably sat on the deck. He had never witnessed a bird this big so close to him. For some unknown reason, Jessie decided to something for this bird completely unaware of the fact that he was inviting trouble for him.

Hungry Baby

It was just one eagle, so Jessie thought as he had some stale fish in the boat that he hunted a week before, so he could offer those to this bird. Unsure of whether the bird will like it and eat it, Jessie threw a fish at the bird, and next what happened blew his mind.


Jessie stood there and gazed at the bird. The huge creature stepped towards the fish and gobbled it in instant. Jessie couldn’t believe that the bird was so calm in human presence. And to show some more generosity he offered more fishes to her. But this time, things weren’t as expected. The alarm bells were ringing already.

Danger Alert

Jessie kept on feeding the bald eagle. He was enjoying it then. The poor fellow did not realize that a huge danger was flying over his head which had the capacity to harm him. And finally, when he could sense it, he was baffled.