Lack Of Emotions

Sofia, his assistant often worry about his health, she had rarely seen him talking to anyone other than her or sharing his sorrows or happiness with anyone. His lack of emotion would annoy his employees. He would rarely go home and always engrossed himself in work. Would he ever change and mend his ways?

A Phone Call

Just when she was about to leave the cabin he got a call. She found it quite bizarre because if anyone wanted to call him, they would usually call at the reception.No one had his number except for his family members who seldom called. Then who might have given him a call? Would there be any chance that it might be a family member?


He picked up the phone after it had rung for a considerable amount of time and said a faint hello as if he doubted that there was a ghost on the other end. His voice was quite intense in the whole conversation and he rarely spoke as usual. Who might have called him out of the blue and was everything fine?


As he hung up the phone, David looked up to call Sofia and was amazed to find her leaning against the wall as if she was trying to listen to the conversation. If there was any other person whom he had seen doing the same he would have sacked him/her at the very moment, but then it was his assistant. The sarcastic intelligent woman.


Finally, David started to speak and told her that his mother had called him and wanted him to visit her on the holiday. His assistant was happy that finally he would get a life outside the workplace and enjoy a little. But for him, it was 5 hours of torture in the plane because apparently, he hated traveling. Would he consider going to his hometown for a change?

Booking Tickets

Sofia didn’t waste any time and started looking for the availability of seats on the plane. Unluckily there was no private compartment left as it was a holiday and seats had been reserved in advance. She was reluctant to break this news to David as she feared he might even cancel the plan of going to his house. What would she do now?