Human has discovered many surprising things on earth that nobody knew existed before. We have discovered sinkholes on the ground, black holes in the space. Whereas all these discoveries were made by professionals there is one discovery that was made by an amateur treasure hunter that took the world by storm. The name of the person is Mike Smith who set out on a treasure hunt with his metal detector on one of the most mysterious places of the earth i.e. Pembrokeshire. He was not expecting anything more than a penny or two but that is exactly where he made the mistake. The man discovered a never-ending chain that had a mystery tucked onto the other side of it.

Childhood Memories

As a child, we all have played the game of buried treasure a number of times. This game is mainly about finding hidden good and people. Whereas some of us forget it while growing up, there are people who make it their hobby one of them was Mike Smith. You won’t believe what his hobby earns him………….   


Mike Smith has a keen interest in history. What interested him, even more, was finding treasures. You can spot him grazing the ground with his metal detector in his free time. You can call it his stress buster. Though he never found anything significant or mind-blowing, he still was hopeful. And as we know who have hopes and determination do not take much time to get success.    

Not A Hobby For Everyone

This time the man decided to explore Pembrokeshire in the United Kingdom. Exploring the county was not an easy task as it seemed. The region faces rain on a very daily basis. The ground is always wet and sloshy. Furthermore, no groundbreaking discovery was made on its ground until Mark came. Discoveries were limited to old pennies only. But soon everyone was going to learn that the region was way more than anything.        

Twist Of Fate

Well, the expedition did not start on a good note. The spot he had decided to work on was waterlogged due to incessant raining that had happened in the past week. However, that did not budge his determination an inch. His instincts were telling him that today was going to be his day. 

Another Field

He moved towards another field to conduct his search. Little did he know that nature had its own plan to surprise him. Right beneath his feet under the ground, something forbidden was lying.    

Something Here

He took out this metal detector and began to sweep it on the ground. Initially, he could not find anything. But as he moved further he saw a wild arc above the field and then he heard a loud beep that his device  made. The man started walking but the machine continued beeping.