Let’s face it, we all have dreamt of becoming an archeologist at least once in our lifetime. And the wish to become one famous treasure hunter became intense after we watched the movies like Indiana Jones and The Mummy. The suspense and the mystery is something that makes everybody sit on their chairs almost fainting. That day would be so amazing where you are just walking in the park and suddenly you stumble upon an ancient hidden treasure which was meant to be only found by you. If you feel like that’s going happen then believe us when we say it. Yes. It can. This guy here found the most amazing treasure that changed his life forever. But what follows after he found this amazing treasure is the core of the story. You would be surprised to see how things worked out for him and the farmer.

The Treasure Hunter

Though Eric Lawes made this tremendous discovery on November 16, 1992. Still, this story has a very interesting turn of events that made it come out on the internet. People read about it and were astonished to see how things worked out for him one after another. It was a usual day and Eric made the discovery of the lifetime. But the amazing part is that his story is not something you are expecting it would be. You’ll see why?

History Lover

Eric Lawes has always been interested in history and especially if it has some treasure stories involved with it. But what is that one thing that every treasure hunter is required? Interest yes, but there is one thing that he requires the most. He didn’t have that but when he did, things started to change and he discovered the most astonishing treasure of the century.

A Field In Hoxne Village

On his retirement day, Eric got that one thing every treasure hunter needs the most. It was a metal detector that he always thought of buying which he received as a gift on his retirement. Who could have thought that his retirement would be so fruitful and things would end up in a most unexpected way for him? Now he had a metal detector but where to use it. The opportunity was given to him but it wasn’t meant for finding a treasure.

The Opportunity

One day, a farmer asked Eric to use his metal detector on his farm because he lost his hammer on his field in Hoxne village, Suffolk. He told him that even trying several times he couldn’t find it and the hammer was very close to his heart and he really want to find it. Eric couldn’t ignore this farmer’s request and he agreed to use his metal detector on his farm. Instead of a hammer, he found something great that changed his and farmer’s lives forever.

On The Field

The next day Eric was in Hoxne village, Suffolk. A metal detector in his one hand he made his way on the field. The farmer kept his distance and was looking at Eric who was enjoying the exploration thought it was to find the hammer. Still, he seemed very excited like a child who gets a new toy and who play with all day. The field was big and Eric asked about the last spot where farmer think he used his hammer. Beep!Beep!Beep! Now, what’s that?

No Hammer There

Eric was really amazed by the beep sound that felt to him like Christmas bells on Christmas Eve. When people love something, they just can’t express the feeling of living the moment. Eric heard the sound was just excited to hear it beep for the first time. It wasn’t the hammer but something else when they started digging the spot on which the detector beeped. He kept his metal detector aside and the shovel was on work. He could see that something great was on the way.