A Routine

Angela was trying to settle with her new job and routine. She and her other colleagues often shared their personal experiences with their customers. They would often laugh over how much of the tip the customers would give them and at times were even irritated with some of the customers who would often probe them. And then Angela told them about one of her male customer’s…

Saturday Guy

Angela told them that there is a particular customer she addressed as “The Saturday Guy”. Though his name was Lee Haase, as he ordered Pizza every weekend, she called her so. He was living on the outskirts of Anoka County, Minnesota. While nothing seemed to attract anyone to this customer yet, there was one strange thing about him which made everyone interested in his story.

The Time

While speaking about this man in an interview later, Angela recalls that this guy would call the restaurant at every Saturday at sharp 10:15 AM. He never got late even by a second. Probably he was a pizza lover which made him this punctual about placing his orders. It was Angela who delivered the pizza to this guy every time. Things were working well until the day she got to know about the harsh past of this customer.

Victim Of Sufferings

Lee was around 70 years old. In the year 2015, he was struck with an unfortunate tragedy. The poor elderly’s house was devastated by a tremendous storm. The storm was so harsh and huge that it took with it whatever came in its way. And Lee’s house was one of those things that were severely damaged. His house wasn’t even a condition that could be repaired. Rather, he had to move to another place. That wasn’t all.

Tragedy Strikes Again

Sadly, this elderly man had to face a lot more of hardships in this age. Things did not end up at his house getting destroyed but he also lost his beloved son in an accident. While on a snowmobile, his son hits the approaching tree and eventually lost his control and died. The old man wasn’t left with anything to look up to in life. He didn’t know that there was more to it.

New Trailer

When everything seemed to go against this old man and life was on the verge of its cruelty, Lee had no other choice than shifting into a new trailer. He shifted into a small and old trailer which was near his old house. However, he would have never thought that a pizza delivery woman would impact his life in such a manner. Nor did Angela would have wondered what this old man would compel her to do something like the way she did after peeping into his trailer.