Crime rates in rural areas have hardly ever been on high alerts unlike the urban areas. But the story of Anne turns out to be an exception with incidents she had never thought would occur in her life. And to stop the events she was facing, she decided to take the matters into her own hands. Though Anne is an aged woman, she is self-sufficient and has never really needed anyone’s support. In order to protect her car from being stolen again, she devices her own plan.

Will she turn out to be successful this time in her endeavors to safe-guard her car by her own means? Or will she fail, ending up with a stolen car yet again?

About Anne

Anne had decided to reside in Portland, Oregon after her retirement and her husband’s death. She had nothing much to herself, just a decent little house that she immensely took care of and kept beautifully. Since retirement, there was hardly anything that would bother Anne until the incident of her car took place.


Portland is a very silent suburban and traditional city where the people support individuality. The comfort level in this city is the main highlight that made Anne determined to stay in the same place. 


After her husband’s death, Anne has been living alone all by herself. She is a strong woman who has never needed any external support and has a carefree nature of not bothering much about the outside world. She is a content woman. But will she be able to handle the trouble that was to come in her life?

The Car

Of all the goods and chattels that Anne possessed, her car was her favorite. She had a 90s Honda Civic model. It was a very old model and therefore stood out in the city because there was hardly anyone in the nearby area who would own a car as old as the model Anne had. 


The car was a very old model, but she had taken considerable care of it and that is what made it a prized personal possession for Anne which was more like a classic to her. She hardly ever used it but was happy that she owned it. 

Crime Rate

Anne had been living in a suburb of Portland since the last so many years of her life and not once had she faced any kind of crime-related problems. Suburbs are usually tranquil and harmonious places for living in, with almost negligible crime due to friendly neighborhoods and that is what pleased Anne.