A Job

His siblings didn’t give any share of the wealth that his parents had left him. He now had to find a  job to sustain himself. Soon he even got a job as a truck driver. Many people might consider this job monotonous but Mick was happy with it. Mick had always been a loner so the job seemed perfect to him.

Paying Bills

Finally, after so many years he was kind of enjoying his life. He didn’t have to depend on others to pay his bills or if he had to buy something. He was happy and content but it seemed like fate was always testing his patience. This time it was even worse. What might have happened?


Obstacles are a part of life. These hurdles make us strong and shape us into the person we always wanted to become. But that doesn’t happen always. And in the case of Mick, these hurdles were just breaking him from within. He had suffered a lot since his childhood. And if that wasn’t enough, another incident happened that not only shocked him but also forced him to come on the road.


One fine day, he was driving his truck on a busy lane when he met with a serious accident. For days he lay unconscious on a hospital bed, he didn’t have any idea about where he was or how did he come there. And when he gained his consciousness, his doctors told him a heartbreaking truth. What might have they say?


The accident was severe and doctors were considering him really lucky that he had come out of it alive. But then they told him a heart-wrenching truth and he didn’t have any idea what he would do after this revelation. The doctors told him that due to the accident he had lost his ability to drive. What would he do now?

Source Of Income

Driving the trucks used to help him pay his bills and now this accident made him lose his only source of income. He was completely shattered. He sat on the hospital bed, numb without being able to say anything. Nurses would come and give him medicine but he wouldn’t move. He wanted to cry out loud and he wasn’t able to. That night, while the fan rotated slowly above his head, he lay there motionless on the bed. What would he do now?