Kathi was 41-year-old and the thought of falling sick, unable to look after family always used to freak her out. She tried to tell herself that this is just because she needs a break from her hectic schedule and that’s what it is all about. After all, she used to work overtime but her kids were worried especially her daughter.

Concerned For Her Mom

Ashley, Kathi’s daughter was seeing her mother in such condition for the first time. She couldn’t see her mother in so much pain. Her concern grew for her mother when she said that it wasn’t a big issue and she’ll get better soon. According to Kathi, her daughter’s concerns were valid but visiting the doctor’s clinic wasn’t really required. Ashley listened to her mom and gave her the time she asked for.

No Improvement

Kathi’s condition was getting worse, she seemed weak and nothing was really working. Neither the idea of taking rest nor regular pain reliefs were of any help. After taking a couple of days off from her office also when nothing changed, Ashley insisted on Kathi visiting the doctor. Now Kathi didn’t see any other option and went to the doctor but was it going to help?


Kathi was given over-the-counter medicines with a mixture of vitamins to get rid of the sickness. Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Vitamin E, Zinc, Iron, doctors tried it all but nothing was of help. The doctors to said the same thing that she already knew. She was advised to apply for at least a week’s leaves in her office and take complete rest. Sadly, nothing was changing for her.

Not Right

Kathi’s condition was persistently deteriorating. She lost her appetite and looked pale. She was also suffering from severe exhaustion from time to time. A week went by and nothing was helping in any way. Ashley was worried for her mother and this time she dragged her to the clinic to get to the bottom of this but it will be long before they can get even the slightest of an idea of what was wrong with Kathi.

Doctor’s Surprise

When Ashley forced Kathi to visit a doctor, they were shocked to see Kathi, it was on her face that she was sick, very sick. Doctors were not even expecting her as a woman like her can easily overcome the flu within a few days. Yet there she was in front of the doctors weaker than the last week. No, Kathi’s situation started troubling the doctors.