Never Felt Sick

Kathi was one of those people who enjoy their work, whether it be office works or her daily chores. She did it all well and always tried to achieve perfection in whatever she took responsibility of. She never really felt sick not even depressed, she has been a person who was energetic and always up for hard work. So many things all together in her shoulders but she never really got scared of it rather took it all as a challenge. 

Not Even Low

Like every one of us, Kathi too has been through ups and downs during her life but she never knew what being depressed was like. She was a believed in keeping the fighter spirit always up. Whatever may have to her way, nothing was ever too strong to break her willpower. All these things made it more and more difficult for others to believe when things started turning around.

Not A Believer Of Medication

Kathi never believed in taking medication. She knew herself well enough that normal cold or headaches will go once she gets ample amount of rest. Even that day she said no to painkillers and went straight to home knowing it’ll help like it always does. 

Rest Might Help

That day she came home and went to bed earlier than other days hoping this might help her in feeling better. But nothing was going to get better but only worse with time. She took a long sleep and woke up the next morning, took a long refreshing bath but ended up with the same strange feeling. This time she had a headache too. Again she continued doing her daily chores but couldn’t make it to the office.

Called In A Day Off

Kathi’s headache was just too much to handle and she eventually took an off from her office that day. She stayed home and this time she took medicines thinking it might be fever or something that normal rest will not help in. She slept all day with the help of the medicines as she didn’t want to extend her off from the office. 

Suffering Increased

She woke up feeling more miserable. Her complete body was aching and didn’t know why. She didn’t feel well at all. There was no way that she can take two leaves in a row. She decided to go to the office and leave early this day. By now, her kids too were feeling that something was not right with their mother.