The Wait

Chuck and Kim made sure that their pain wouldn’t affect their son Brad. They loved him deeply and tried their best to give him all the love they could. Even being a child Brad could sense that something terrible has happened with their loving mama and papa. Both Chuck and Kim could feel the absence of their lost second child and it was this absence and pain which made them take this decision that soon changes everything. The adoption.

Adoption Was Considered

It took them 16 years to decide whether they were ready to adopt. Adopting a child isn’t that easy as it looks. It’s a very hard battle with oneself before one gathers up all the courage and move on this path. Kim and Chuck holding each other hand decided to adopt a child in 2000. They adopted a baby girl named, Caitlyn through an adopting agency. But the couple could still feel that something was missing and it was then they decided to fill this emptiness when they heard about an abandoned baby 8,000 miles away in China. The story of this baby in a far world would crush your soul.

A Greater Plan

In an interview with the CBN in 2015, Chuck told, “God had a plan for another daughter in our lives.” And surely God was watching over this couple and soon gifted them the most beautiful things anyone could ask for. On one end of the world, this couple was wishing for some kind of a miracle that would take away all their pain and on the other end in Hunan, China, a baby girl was left in paper box unknown of what was gonna happen to her.

The Fate Brought Them Together

When fate comes into play nobody has the ability to beat it. And being a mere human all we could do is bow down to it. But this time Fate wanted to shower happiness upon this couple and soon they found out the reason why God took away something most precious from their lives. They were destined to bring this kid home who has a very heartbreaking story. She was just one-month-old when she was left abandoned in a shoe box. Why would somebody do that? The reason would shock you to the core.

A Common Habit

If you don’t know then let us tell you something about China that proves that every coin has two different sides. The one-child policy of China was imposed on the citizen to curb the population which saw some drastic change in a few years that made them the most populated country in the world. And because of this one child policy families started abandoning their first child if it was a girl. Everyone wants a boy who can carry the family name but doesn’t realize that to achieve that we need what we leave abandoned. But she was lucky because very far away from her somebody was wishing to have her into their lives.

A Visit To China

When they first heard about the baby girl left abandoned in a paper box, they knew she is the missing part that they kept searching in their lives. It was 2003 the story about a child abandoned in a paper box was reported. The couple didn’t delay and booked the next flight to China to meet their destiny. Chuck and Kim said, “God had a plan for another daughter in our lives”. But little did they know it would be a clock that would play a vital role in changing their newly adopted daughter and their lives.