The Right Dog

The day was almost over, and she had no luck finding the right dog for herself so she threw the laptop aside in frustration and went in the kitchen to fetch something to eat still wondering about the pooch. Would her hunt for the perfect dog come to an end before the dawn broke?

No Success

The days passed by and she received no success in finding a pooch and hence she was heartbroken and the sadness was quite visible on her face. But if everything started happening so smoothly, surprises will lose its value, wouldn’t they?


After receiving no response for several notes and messages that she had left to numerous dog shelters for adoption she saw one which had hunting hounds and for a moment she knew her search had ended. Although she wasn’t looking for a hunting breed, what was so intriguing about that dog shelter that made her think that way?

The Dog Shelter

It was indeed something in that dog shelter which caught her attention, that the distance from New York to South Carolina was her least concern and no matter how far away she was ready to cross seas to get there and this place was just 992 kilometers from L.A.Would her quest come to an end?

The Journey Begins

So finally she booked her ticket for the coming weekend and boarded the train to South Carolina at dawn. She knew she might not get what she wanted but had an instinct that she wouldn’t repent this trip. Was it so? It was yet to be discovered.

Numerous Pooches

As she reached the dog shelter in South Carolina, there were several hounds inside it. Each and every pooch was captivating and ready to be taken in, but it wasn’t possible for Lauren to take them all. Then who would she choose and how?