Often addressed as the “King Of The Jungle”, Lions are majestic animals. Their fierceness, strength, courage, and power are what they are known for. Their mere sight gives us the feel of royalty. But ever heard how different these species are when it comes to their pride, territory and their young ones?

This story is of a lion cub from a zoo in Poland. Until he was born, the lioness was a protective one who loved and nurtured him. However, things took a steep turn only after a few weeks of this cub’s birth. At an early age itself, this cub who actually was a member of the majestic family tasted the bitter reality of his existence. This story evokes strong emotions of sympathy and compassion for the cub. How will the lion cub survive in this cruel world?

Your Majesty

Lions are one of the most distinct and amazing wild animals. Though they belong to the cat family, they are the ones whose roar can give you shivers down your spine. They are big cats with a heavy golden mane. While majorly they inhabit grasslands and savannah, these exotic species are even reserved in certain zoos and habitat centers.

A Little Different

Lions are ferocious creatures. They are wild beasts, who are hunters. And that’s what makes them the kings of the jungle. A lion is a totally different beast when it comes to their cubs. Though they are protective of them, not every time they are. And unfortunately, the cub from Poland was the one who wasn’t protected.

 Quite Strange

When everyone believes that be it a human or an animal, every female possess strong motherly instincts. But when the lion and lioness at the zoo did not show their love and interest in their cub, this came as a strange act to everyone including the zookeepers.

Part Of Pride

When it comes to lions, they are the ones to whom pride is everything. Being accepted as a member of pride is what lions crave for. Pride is often a group of lions where the main head- the leader is only changed when there is a birth or the death of a lion. With the birth of this cub in Poland, why didn’t things change?

The Cub

A baby cub was born to the family of the lion in a zoo from Poland. When every other lioness was extremely protective of their cubs to an extent that if anyone went past their newborns they would attack, this cub’s mother did not even bother about her own baby and with this things got tough for the baby lion.


While for a few days the lioness could be seen around her cub, just after a week she completely abandoned him. She won’t look after him, cuddle him or provide him with warmth but would just go past him. At the stage when the cub was very young, life without a mother got challenging.