Poor Pup

There was an ad in which a woman had put her dog, a German shepherd for sale. And she did so not because she was unable to care for the pup, but all because for an unbelievable reason. It was the most terrible thing that Emma had ever seen in her life.

For An iPhone

The woman who had posted this ad wanted to sell her dog so that the money she gets in exchange, could be used to buy a luxurious iPhone. Emma lost her brain reading this. How can someone sell their dog just to own a smartphone? Emma was extremely upset about it.

His Expressions

Emma recalls that the expression of the dog in that post was so heart wrenching. He looked weak and helpless. Amongst anything else on that post, the only thing that could not go off from Emma’s eyes were the pup’s looks. Being an animal lover she could not let it go. What will she do next?

Feeling Disgusted

Emma was disgusted at this site. Just to own a smartphone the anonymous woman was ready to sell her dog. Was she not carrying emotions with her pet? Did she not value him enough? Did his cute little pet licks mean nothing to her? Emma’s heart cried with the pain that the dog was in.

I’ll Buy

Emma being an animal activist has stood for their rights. And after witnessing an ad like this, she was firm that she would buy the dog. But there was a problem. Her sanctuary was a non-profitable one and she did not have enough funds to buy the dog and give the woman an iPhone. What will she do?

Huge Dilemma

Emma wanted to help the poor soul and at the same time wanted to make the woman realize that she was doing something wrong. But she was clueless about how to go about it. Will the dog get a better life or someone else would exchange the dog for the smartphone. Not only this, there was a lot more to worry about.