Penny, a puppy lived a nomadic life until he turned ten months old. Despite her cuteness, no one kept her with themselves for more than a week. That is why the puppy had to spend a large fraction of her childhood in abandonment. However, there was someone who adopted her and made her the most famous dog for a unique reason. The pup who was once wanted by none suddenly became an apple of people’s eye. The pup was much much more than what people thought her to be.

The Beginning!

The pup got abandoned by her mother just after her birth that forced her to spend the first few days of her life struggling on the road. One day she was wandering in a local park until a PetCo worker noticed her and brought the homeless pup to the foster care. At that time the staff worker did not know what she was bringing to the shelter. The video is available via Instagram!   

Rat Terrier

The dog belongs to rat terrier breed. They are tough with an elegant look. They are quite friendly by nature and proves to be a good companion for humans. Rat terriers are also known for their playfulness. No doubt, this pup had all these qualities but there was one more thing about this doggo that nobody had noticed. The dog was unique. 

The Unwanted

So, a few weeks after her birth, the dog found herself in an animal shelter. But only after few days of her arrival in the shelter, she got adopted by a family. It seemed that the puppy finally had a house and a family but the illusion soon broke down when the family returned the dog shortly after adopting her. So the dog was back to square one!

Finding A New Home

The dog was young, so it wasn’t going to be a problem for the shelter to give her to another family as pups easily get mold according to its surrounding compared to grown-up dogs. The shelter once again started looking for a qualified family. Their search ended when a couple got enamored by doggo’s cuteness and decided to adopt her. 

Rehoming Again

The shelter bid farewell to the pup for one more time. It was an emotional moment for the shelter workers. Though they were happy that terrier finally had a home, it was an emotional moment for them too as the pup had won over their heart with her cuteness. But there was way more to her what appeared. No doubt, this dog was very cute but along with that, she had some more astonishing qualities that are too strange for a dog to possess.   

Coming Back

The same thing happened again! The couple who had adopted her gave her back to the shelter. So it happened twice in a row and the management had no idea why nobody wanted her. But still, they continued looking for another family for the growing pup. And once again they got a family that kept pup with themselves for a short span of time. Surprisingly, the doggo did not stay with any of the families for more than one week. What was going on?