Trusting Her Intuition

We all know that California is a place where people of all kinds can be found. So there are so many beggars and homeless people. However, there are so many imposters who pretend to be in need of others’ aid can also be found in abundance. Smith had always taken notice of this woman because she had seen her quite a couple of times. Something about her had always made her feel that something was off.

Was She Right?

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The pregnant lady could always be seen in and around the shopping center whenever Melissa Smith went to do her weekly errands. This was enough for her to feel that the pregnant beggar was someone who was keeping a huge secret. “I felt bad. There’s a pregnant lady with a little boy who is down on her luck,” Smith later revealed. She had no idea that her inking would prove to be right somehow…

Pulling Others’ Heartstrings

Whenever she saw the pregnant lady, she would always be standing under the scorching sunshine for a long while. She would often be alone or sometimes stay like that with her son. Smith had even seen them standing there with the boy’s father on the side some days too. They were quite known in the area they stayed in because we all know how rare it is to spot a pregnant beggar anywhere.

Hiding Something?

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Anyone would have a soft spot for a beggar, let alone a pregnant beggar right? To see this lady out in the sun had managed to tug on the heartstrings of a few people indeed. Since this was an odd sight, some people started to give them even more than what they would usually give. So why would Smith be so curious that she assumed that the pregnant lady was hiding something from everyone?

Nothing Weird Before

Even though she had seen this particular beggar several times in the past, Smith did not notice anything weird about her before. She had not seen any questionable behavior from the beggar before that day happened. For about two months she had seen the expecting lady begging in the same area. Smith assumed that she must have been in a deep financial crisis…

Highly Questionable

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Just imagine the whole situation. There was a pregnant woman who was standing under the scorching sun for a long period of time. Just imagine having to hear the ruthless summer heat and the stress of the child staying in the womb for the pregnant woman. It would be easy for anyone to feel bad for the beggar. But when Smith saw this, she had to make sure the beggar was for real…