The Paleo Diet


The Paleolithic diet derives its name from the Paleolithic age. As the name suggests, in this diet the people eat food that the Paleolithic people used to eat. So, the Paleolithic diet includes meats and fish in abundance and also fresh vegetables and fruits. Shannon Cooper started following the diet in 2010 and is sticking to it since then. According to her, the diet has transformed her life completely. This diet is all about unprocessed and natural food. Well, adhering to a diet like this is an easy thing for a fully grown adult but how an infant like Grace was going to respond to that, was yet to be seen.

Health Issues

paleoWell, it is not she adopted Paleolithic lifestyle all of a sudden. Shannon suffered from food allergies. The food that she used to take in never made her feel good. It felt more like a poison. The food was ailing her instead of filling her with energy. Consequently, she started looking for alternatives. She tried many different types of diets but unfortunately, none of them worked for her. 

Out with the Sugar!


After exploring many options, Shannon finally tried a Paleolithic diet and it worked wonderfully for her. Not only the diet ditches preservatives, processed foods, carbs, sugar along with the additives, the list of abstinence also includes dairy products, legumes, and grains. Shannon described, “I just got sick of not feeling great.” She continued, “That had become my normal, and [I decided] that it wasn’t going to be normal anymore.” Now, this is what Shannon has to say about the diet but what about the experts? What is their opinion? Let’s find out! 

 Medical Opinions

paleoThe experts speak about its pros and cons both. Just like any other diet, this one too is a subject of many merits and demerits. Well, to begin with, the main purpose of the diet is to include food items in your meal that cavemen used to have. If we draw comparison the earlier men were way healthier than us and one of the main reason behind it is their healthy eating habits. The cavemen used to eat more omega-3 fatty acids, unsaturated fat, protein, fiber, minerals, and vitamins than an average American. No doubt, this diet helped them live a long life but was it going to fit a baby of today’s generation?  

The Cons

paleoSo, you must be wondering what could be the demerits of this great diet? Paleolithic ancestors were prone to numerous infectious diseases, parasites, and hardening of the arteries. As many other healthy food items like legumes, eating grains, and dairy foods are prohibited, that are extremely important for a body as they contain several vital nutrition. 

Something’s Working


Keeping the pros and cons aside, the diet was doing magic for Shannon. Thanks to this amazing diet that the woman used to feel energized and fresh throughout the day. And it was only because of her unbreakable confidence on this diet that she decided to raise her child on it. Perhaps she forgot that her child was too small to get on a strict diet like this. Before going ahead on it, Paleo thought of consulting a doctor.