Within Minutes

His father was already on his way to home when he received the call. The nearest cops car reached on the spot, ie, the park in 10 minutes. In the midst of all this hassle, they couldn’t quite think of it differently. But the reason behind the little boy going missing was hiding in their backyard. What was this reason? And how can anything in their backyard be the reason behind his going missing? The answer will certainly shock you to the spines.

The Decorated Home

Hoping that his son might return home, his father asked the mother to take their daughter home. Within 15minutes, things changed completely, returning home, the mother recalled how her son helped her in decorating the home. He has always been interested in such things and when it’s about Halloween, his second favorite day, Christmas obviously being the first. 

The Mysterious Shadow

Mother sat on the sofa, waiting for her son to return, and the daughter went upstairs to her room. The little girl saw something moving in the backyard it was just a shadow. She thought it was her brother and called his name aloud but there was no response. She was angry about why he wasn’t listening to her and why did he not work according to the plan. But was it even her brother? If it was her brother then why didn’t he respond at once?

Getting To The Bottom

The little girl decided to find her brother and get to the bottom of all this. She took out her mini torch from the drawer and ran outside. She knew something was off as she clearly remembered telling him to stay right there behind the front yard’s wall. With a lot of questions in her mind, she ran straight towards the door. Not at all afraid of the consequences or too small to think of the consequences we must say.

One Little Adventure

While on one side the mother was waiting for her son, her daughter too took off from the back door of the house and was on her little Halloween adventure. She noticing her brother’s iPod at the corner of the back door that he was showing off to his friends a few hours back. This meant he came there after she last saw him. Also, she noticed the back door open. 

The Backside Secret

She gave it a thought whether she should get out of the back door or not as her mother gave them strict instructions on not getting out in that lane all alone as it is usually empty. But then she was quite sure that her notorious elder brother was right there. When everyone else was looking for him near the park, his younger sister thought this area should be covered by her.