Who’ll Go First?

Everything was planned and now the question was, who’ll go first? This question is quite obvious and always the younger one has to go first, that’s one of the perks of being an elder sibling. So, the girl would go to the mother and make up the story while the boy will hide behind the front yard’s door right next to the door. But this whole “prank thing” was soon to take a turn when something distracts the little boy.

Wait And Watch

The girl walked towards the door and the boy waited outside. He was excited to scare his mother, with eyes continuously looking at the door. That’s when something strange caught his eye. He knew his home was decorated with all the Halloween stuff, specially made at home by his mother. But something quite didn’t fit in there.

Surprising Enough

The mother rushed towards the nearby park and the daughter was right behind her. To her surprise, her brother wasn’t there! She told him to wait right there, yet he didn’t. Seeing her mother worried, she was now scared that this will not be ending nicely. She couldn’t see him anywhere and she didn’t know what answer will she give to her mother when she asks.


Seeing her mother worried, the girl finally told her their original idea of a prank. Obviously her mother was angry and disappointed, moreover, she was worried to hell about her son. Where did he go? What was it that distracted him? Was he even safe? What was going on?

He Must Be Here And There

With no way to understand what was going on, she ran to check at his friend’s home. He must be somewhere here and there but he wasn’t. She knew her son wasn’t irresponsible, but he just planned all this prank thing at first. Sadly, the boy was nowhere to be found. Seeing the situation running out of her hands, she called for help.

Called For Help

She called her husband right away and one neighbor called the cops. Suddenly, the festive environment vanished and everyone was worried about the little boy. The cops arrived and so did the boy’s father. This story was yet to take quite a few turns to surprise all.