A Doppelganger?

As he opened the door, he saw his roommate in the room. He approached him with a smile but his roommate had his eyes fixated on him with a surprised expression. Michael Domitz, his roommate revealed to him that he looks exactly like his ex-roommate Eddy Galland. So Robert had a doppelganger? It was just the tip of the iceberg. What astounded Eddy more was another revelation that his new roommate made.   


The information whetted Robert’s curiosity. This name had been haunting him since he stepped into the college. He asked Michael more and more about the person named Eddy until his roommate told him something very surprising about his doppelganger. Eddy shared his birthday with Robert. Well, the revelation triggered more question than it answered. He had to meet his doppelganger to get all those questions answered.            


Finally arrived the moment when Robert confronted Eddy. Well, they would count the moment one of the weirdest in their life. It seemed as if they were looking in a mirror. Everything looked exact same from their hair, color to facial features. Now Robert understood why everyone called him Eddy in the college. It was difficult for them too to see any difference. As far as Eddy is concerned he was yet to come out of the surprise he just had received.   

Double Trouble

While chatting they realized they have a lot of things in common. They had surprisingly same mannerism, facial expression, wall, and even same laugh. Despite the fact that they were so similar to each other, they had never seen each other before. How is it possible that two people who had no idea about each other’s existence had so much in common. Was it just a coincidence or there was something really big working behind it? They decided to find out and before they could make their first step another amazing revelation came their way.      

No Coincidence

Well, the amazing information was that the two not only had their birthdays on the same day they were born in the same place too. They even had the same IQ level and surprisingly a birthmark at the same place. The revelations were still coming in and each of them was more surprising than the previous one. While talking they learned another incredible fact.         


So, what blew their mind away was the fact that both of them were adopted. The piece of information prompted them to take an unusual step. They turned to seek medical help in order to find out the truth. They opted for DNA test. As DNA testing was not very much popular or trustworthy at that time, the decision was subjected to skepticism by many people. However, the duo had their full faith in it. After days of wait, the result came out and that shook them from within.