Getting A Reply She did not know whether she would get a reply or not, she continued waiting for one anyway. Luckily they did not have to wait long. In a matter of a few days, she got a reply from the show. She rushed to her husband and broke this outstanding news to him.

Invitation To New York When Lori told Jeff that they are invited to New York, Jeff agreed immediately. Lori explained he said yes to them  “just ’cause it was Rachael Ray.” It was not the end as there was another ecstatic news waiting for the couple.

Icing On The Cake The couple learned that Kyan Douglas was going to appear with them on the show. He had been starred in Queer Eye For The Straight Guy when it was just launched in 2003. The couple had never met the actor before and they were very excited to meet him and Rachel.     

Kyan Kyan used to be the “grooming guru” of the show who helped men taking proper care of their makeup, hair, and personal hygiene. Though the original show went off the air in 2007, he continued helping men getting a makeover in The Rachael Ray Show. He says he likes grooming others’ appearance because of the “wonderful synergy between physical transformation and an internal transformation.”

Enlisting The Help Kyan began in preparation from the moment he learned about this makeover. He knew that this man with twenty years old beard and hair would require lots of efforts and expertise in the makeover. So the first thing Kyan did was to reach out to Elena Linares, owner of Razzle Dazzle Barbershop, Miami to help him in the makeover of Jeff.

The Star Barber

Elena is basically from the Bronx. She got moved to Miami in the 1980s and launched her first salon in 1989 on South Beach. Thereafter, nineteen years after her first salon, she came up with Razzle Dazzle in 2008.