It is often said that humans haven’t yet discovered endless secrets that lie under the marine life. There are old scriptures in different mythologies that claim of the cities that once existed on this planet but they vanished under these water bodies with time. Even today there are places like the famous Bermuda triangle and the mystery behind the strange phenomenon still remains unknown. While there are always myths and speculations, there exists a city that once drowned underwater and it now looks like a Ghost town. It is not a myth or a made up story. It all began in the 20th century and the traces of which are still visible and they have been captured and documented. Today, we bring you the story of a city that vanished from the globe for almost decades after facing a flood. Read till the very end as every little detail to this story will send chills down your spine.

Drowned Cities

The tales from various mythologies entails stories about cities that are hidden from the world as they had apparently drowned or submerged under water. Many theorists believe that these cities conceal priceless artifacts and invaluable treasures in them dating back to the time when the Mayan civilization prevailed on earth. But today we are going to shed light on a story which is no myth, it’s for real!

Mother Nature

When mother nature decides to strike and unleashes its anger upon us there isn’t much we can do about it. Thousands of people around the globe lose their lives after being victimized by various sorts of natural disasters. Take the 2004 tsunami for instance that affected various parts of southeast Asia, nearly destroying the cities it had hit. But can you imagine something of the magnitude that can drown a whole city and leave it submerged forever and vanish it from the map?

As Real As It Gets

As fictional it may sound, this an incident that happened for real and left everyone who witnessed this gruesome phenomenon in shock and despair. We aren’t fabricating anything up and have got proof as well in the face of various photographs that had been documented. We’ll be revealing some photographs that are a living proof of what a flood can do to an existing city. So prepare yourself for this unbelievable yet real story that will certainly leave you jaw dropped.

The Living Proof

Today, we bring to you the story along with some incredible pictures of a city that was once home to almost as much as 5,000 people. These pictures are proof that how cruel and terrifying nature can get and why we shouldn’t even dare or simply think about messing with it. Read further to find out how, when and where this astounding yet horrifying phenomenon took place. Spoiler: It’s somewhere in the South American continent.

Jaw-Dropping Story

Are you an Indiana Jones fan or have simply watched the movie or similar movies in the likes where the story revolves around the protagonist’s hunt for a lost or hidden city? Even if you have you can’t just guess what’s about to come as this story is one of its kind. Curious much? We won’t waste a minute so don’t go anywhere as things are about to pick up a pace real quick.

Villa Epecuen

Villa Epecuen was once a small yet exuberant city, full of life and just located about 340 miles South-West from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Not long ago, the city was a tourist trap as it attracted a lot of people back in the ’70s and early ’80s before it extinct. What made this place a cynosure for tourists was its renowned lake which the Argentinians called Lago Epecuen.