One of the cutest creatures in the world is the one that has fur and four legs. The wagging tail and innocent looking eyes. Yes, here we are talking about a dog. Aren’t these loyal species the adorable ones? They give us all the reason to cuddle with them and when they place their paws on our hand the feeling is blissful. Who needs their significant other when they have a loving pooch with them!

Those who already own a pet must be knowing how exciting is that feeling of bringing home the tiny mute animal from an animal shelter or a pet shop. The mere feeling of knowing that pet will be living with you forever is priceless. However, Ms. Wang had never thought that the Japanese Spitz dog that she had been taking care of since the last one year would turn out to be everything but not a dog at all.


Ms. Wang had her jaws dropped. Was it because of fear, shock, anxiety or what none really knows. She had never expected that the dog she had been loving with all her heart since the day she had pet her would turn out into something that was not domestic at all. She was taken aback.

My Pooch

For an instance, Ms. Wang did not believe what the staff member at the VET’s clinic said. But when she heard the unbelievable words flowing through the mouth of the expert doctor, her world stood still. She had loved and nurtured this adorable being with all her heart and now a realization about its identity struck her hard.

Ms. Wang

The protagonist of this tale popularly knows as Ms. Wang is a young woman in her mid-twenties. She is a resident of China and is done with her graduation. While staying in her hostel, she had taken care of puppies in the back lawn of her university and since then she has developed a bond with animals. Little did she know that her young attachment will take her to an adventure in the future.

Love For Them

 Wang was fond of dogs. She would often read about different breeds and would imagine owning one Japanese Spitz one day. That breed was the irresistible one to her. She couldn’t wait to cuddle with the pooch and run after him playing and making most of life. And that day she knew what she was supposed to do next.


Wang visited various different pet shops and animal shelters in hope of finding the best dog. She even consulted various VET’s and Breeders to know which pooch will be the best one to home. After visiting a few animal homes she made a decision she eventually had to regret later.


However Miss Wang soon only realized that how so ever good knowledge one might have the animals are the unpredictables ones. None can really guarantee anything about a pooch. What made the woman who adored pets say something this tricky?