Vegetable Market

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The next day, Xu woke up before the breaking of dawn and headed to the vegetable market with the infant. The sight had gone all blurred because of the tears that had welled up in his eyes. The market was all empty with no one around. It was then he put down his daughter in one corner with a letter and went back home, leaving her behind.

The Goodbye Kiss

Xu gave her a goodbye kiss before leaving her forever. He paced speedily and did not dare to look back. He knew even if for once he would turn around to see her, he would not be able to take another step away from her. Whereas he was battling with his inner feelings, Qian was crying inconsolably at home. She just had given away something that once was a part of her. 

A Letter To Remember

So what was written in that letter that he had left by the child’s side? Xu did not know what was going to be the fate of her daughter nor did he have any idea if she was going to be picked by a reliable hand or not. Keeping all the possibilities in his mind, he wrote this letter for anyone who would get his daughter. the letter read…….

Words Straight Out Of Heart

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“Our daughter, Jingzhi, was born at 10 am on the 24th day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar, 1995. We have been forced by poverty and affairs of the world to abandon her. Oh, pity the hearts of fathers and mothers far and near! Thank you for saving our little daughter and taking her into your care. If the heavens have feelings, if we are brought together by fate, then let us meet again on the Broken Bridge in Hangzhou on the morning of the Qixi Festival in 10 or 20 years from now.”

One Child Policy


This all happened because of the one-child policy that was in force during that time. So, you must be wondering what’s the big deal about it. Observing China’s swiftly growing population, the Mao government decided to keep a check on it by bringing one-child policy into force in 1979. The policy was formulated with the intention of managing the population and cutting down the poverty. 


The programme that started off in 1979 remained in existence for 35 years until 2015. It is said that about 400 million births were prevented because of the policy. However, the estimation has always been under suspicion.