Launching The Drone

This is an experienced cameraman so he knew exactly what shots he needed for himself. Tkachenko would always prefer a different angle for his photography. To get the shots that he wanted, he did not even need a tripod. He made use of a drone to take some unique shots. Since drones can take photos from angles that a human is not capable of, he loved using them.

Filming The Beach And People

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So as he was spending time at the beach looking for shots to take with him, Tkachenko was focused on his filming. While he was launching his drone to capture the beach, he could see something that was on his screen of his controller. There were various people laying on their sunbeds, basking in the sun. It was beautiful and he did not expect what happened next…

A Swirling Video

And there was one trick of his videos that he loved doing. Back in 2017, he had posted videos that swirled over a couple that was laying on the sand on a gorgeous beach. This had become a huge hit and people loved to watch the breathtaking shots. However, there was nothing that went more viral than his short clip that was posted on 19 December 2017.

Featured In His Clip

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This video that he posted in December of 2017, filmed the 700 islands of the archipelago. It was indeed a majestic scene to look at. And while on the beach, he had made use of his drone trying to capture what he was experiencing, the ambiance and divine setting. In the clip, the cameraman himself is seen making use of the controller. Soon, something incredible happened…

Filming With The Drone

And so Artem was flying the aircraft over the blue waters of the Bahamas trying his best to film the heavenly site. He was trying to fit all the happy swimmers and those beautiful people laying under the pleasant sunlight. But as he was trying capture the beauty of the beach, he ended up filming something that was totally different and far off from his intentions.

Panning The Drone

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And what he captured was totally unexpected and unplanned, leaving the cameraman himself astounded. Well, it all started when the drone camera was filming a kid running into the waters of the beach. And since Artem wanted to capture people on his film, he was happy with this. He could see him on his screen, so he panned the camera and went where the young swimmer ran.