When the construction of the dam was near its start, Kurdistan faced a flood alert as the water level had risen beyond the danger-level. At that time, the amount of rainfall in the whole of Iraq was high, and that is what must’ve led to the submergence of the treasure in the river which was discovered after so many years. 


While there were flood alerts in the 1980s, the later years were in total contrast to the condition and drought was expected in Iraq. With the climate changes, the conditions started to change and everything had turned upside-down around 2010.

Nature’s Reply

Whenever we try altering the natural resources for our selfish benefits, Nature reverts to it. The disturbance that we cause to Nature is sure to have a consequence, and that has been exactly why the commencing of the Mosul Dam brought flood alerts and not much later, even a drought along with it. 

The Only Solace

For the first time maybe, a drought would yield much more than stress, suffering, and inconvenience. During difficult and tough situations like a drought, there was a discovery that made headlines worldwide. 

The First Step

With the drought in 2010, when the water level reduced like never before, the amazing discovery that arose from the bed of the Tigris which was witnessed by the archeologists was as mesmerizing as watching a phoenix rise from its own ashes. 


Soon after the discovery was made, it hit the headlines and the whole world witnessed the captivating treasure. But with the discovery that the archeologists were busy intruding the depths, the ISIS started looming threats and that caused a barrier in the archeologists’ research.