A Few Months Later

A few months had passed and the two strangers who had met on the bus were head over heels in love with each other. Soon they were getting hitched. It was love at first sight just like in a film, you meet someone and then you can’t imagine your life without him/her. Precisely, a fictional kind of love!


In 1948, Norma and Leo became Mr. and Mrs. Bauserschmidt and another adventure had started whose rules were not known to them. But this adventure wasn’t going to be easy for them and they knew that. So they had promised each other that they won’t leave each other’s side no matter the hardships. In the following years, despite having a lot of financial problems they adhered to each other.

Joyous News

It is rightly said that life happens when you’re busy making plans. Years after their marriage they were blessed with a baby girl and named her Stacey. Norma felt like she had been reborn when the doctor put the little baby in her arms. She was extremely happy. She had thought about which school she would study in and which college she would attend when Stacey was just learning to balance her foot. But life had some other plans.

Untoward Event

She considered herself really lucky to have Stacey as her daughter, she was everything for her. She adored her and would fulfill her wishes. The thought of sending her away after high school would often give her nightmares and many sleepless nights. But life took an untoward twist and the couple lost their beloved child as soon as she was diagnosed with cancer.

Another Good News

It felt like she had again lost her motive in her life, she was completely shattered by the loss of her kid and didn’t know what to do in her life. Leo somehow managed to handle her. After a few years, things started to go back to normal when they welcomed their son in the world but it was difficult for Norma to forget her first child. Would it affect their relationship in the long run?

The Bond

She loved her son dearly but no one could fill the void in her heart that Stacey’s death had created. Still, she managed to give her attention to the kid’s upbringing. But due to the prior incidence, they lacked warmth in their bond and the kid felt more close to his father than his mother. They would occasionally talk to each other otherwise silence would prevail in the room.