Normal Days

The couple had been living each day to the fullest. The wife would prepare breakfast, the husband would help buy groceries, both would go on long walks together and meet and greet all their neighbors with love and affection. 

One Day

While living their normal life like every other day, the couple had no idea that that month of August would change everything for them forever. Things would nowhere be close to what they had been like for 60 years. 


When the couple was having dinner one August night, something very unexpected happened. The wife fainted suddenly and she was still, no movement. And since there was no one else around, the husband panicked and couldn’t understand a thing.


The old man called 911 and the wife was immediately taken to the hospital. The husband had thought that things had really fallen apart, but little did he know they had just started to fall apart, the big secret was yet to be disclosed. 

Given Up

The doctors had given up. The husband had told that his wife was seriously ill and there was no cure. She had very few days left in this world. The husband was shattered at the news and he froze in his position. 

Wife’s Reaction

The wife, on the other hand, knew exactly what to do in the situation. It was time for her to reveal the secret she had been hiding for 60 years. She did not cry even for a second and was prepared that it was finally time to tell her husband about what she had been hiding.