Quitting a job is easier than writing a resignation letter for it. The letter should not be rude but at the same time, you can’t resist expressing your feelings. If you are about to resign and are in a dilemma, then go for these exclusive resignation letters. These letters are not only unique but also a perfect way to tell your snooty boss that you don’t care anymore.

With Dinosaurs

He resigned! But not in a conventional manner. He wrote a resignation letter that was to the point, entertaining and full of sarcasm. We wonder what would have been the reaction of his boss. He killed it! 


Kill them with your resignation letter. The writer of this letter has put her best sarcasm ability to work. The person had to take leave as his/her grandmother died but for that too, he/she got reprimanded. She never got credited for her overwork either.    

Here Is Why

They say you should always depart amicably. But sometimes you have to express your feelings before bidding farewell. The man resigned and made sure his boss knows the reason why he called it quits.

Jurassic Work

resignation 29Dinosaurs are gone but they still can be spotted in some resignation letters. Here the employee decided to make his big announcement by drawing this big animal in his resignation note. The species of Dinosaurs got extinct so does this person’s 2 weeks notice.    

Fast Food, Fast Exit

resignation 7When there’s a will there’s a way! This employee of Wendy’s decided to let the world know that he/she is quitting. The person rearranged the words on neon into “I Quit.” Now, this is how you QUIT.  

Quit The Job, Drop The Mic

resignation 21So, the words are said and the mic is dropped. Elizabeth Young is a woman of few words. She has made her decision. No explanation either. The dropped mic shows the end of any conversation from her side. Even if the boss would try to renegotiate.