Norah had everything in her life a loving family, loving husband and settled life.  Anyone would call her life to be perfect but only she knew it was not. She too craved for someone’s presence in her life. Norah was an adopted child. Though her adoptive parent loved her a lot she still felt a void. She wanted to see and ask her birth mother WHY DID SHE ABANDON HER? She decided to look for her but every time she tried she failed and then after 60 years she resumed her search and finally tracked her mother’s home address. She went there only to be welcomed by a stranger. Would she ever be able to meet her mother and ask her the reason behind leaving her forever?

Meet Norah

She was 19 years old when she tied the knot with Kenneth McMaster. The woman had taken a new step in her life and was very happy about it. It was during her wedding ceremony someone told her that “your mother would be very proud of you.” These words made her wonder about her birth mom again. She so wanted to see her.      

Secret Mission

Norah knew if she would make her intention public no one would support her, in fact, some people would dissuade her from doing this. And also she did not want to hurt her adoptive parent’s sentiment. So she started her investigation secretively.  

No Success

However, her efforts did not get her any success as her responsibilities as a mother and wife kept diverting her attention. Moreover, the woman did not have much money to put in this mission. 

Time Took Leap

This way many years passed by. Her young children matured into office going ones. She too had grown quite old yet, the yearning to know more about her birth mother was still there. She still wanted to know who gave her birth and abandoned her. She was eager to know the reason that made her birth mother give up on her. 

Losing Parents

In 1992, Norah lost her adoptive dad John Gibson to death. Her adoptive mother had already passed away. She lost both of her adoptive parents but at the same time, the woman regained the desire of finding her birth mom again. When you lose something you gain something new as well. That is what happened to Norah.   


In the 1990s, Norah sifted through records she found in Edinburgh. It took her many years but her enthusiasm did not cease. And eventually, she learned that her birth name is Anne Campbell. But this much information was not enough. She needed to know more to proceed with her investigation.