This world has a lot of mysteries for those who love to explore. From Bermuda triangle to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the planet earth offers all kind of mysteries for you to solve. Some will thrill you, some will astonish you and some will make your blood run cold with fear. Here is the list of places with mysteries that no scientists, researchers or explorers could solve.

San Luis Valley

San Luis Valley desert that falls in southern Colorado has its own Google Map. The map has recorded many paranormal activities that have only been heard. According to reports, a flying humanoid has been seen there in 2009. Not to mention this valley is also famous for being the largest alpine valley in the world. Also, the valley has carried several bigfoot sightings and with that, it also harbors ranch which “figured prominently in the [animal] mutilation waves of the ’70s”. Discovery of snaking stones alluded that the valley has been serving as a home to human or alien for centuries.     

Nazca Desert

You must have heard this name for the mysterious lines that exist in the Nazca Desert of southern Peru. These lines famously known as Nazca Lines sprawls over 19 square miles of the desert. It is located around 260 miles south of Lima. It is believed that the signs were designed sometime between 500 BCE and 500 CE.  

Skinwalker Ranch

“Skinwalker Ranch” has been featured in many movies thanks to bizarre and mysterious sights beheld by people. It is because of its mysterious nature the ranch got featured in the documentary series “Extraordinary Beliefs.” Interestingly, the name of the ranch is inspired by legends that speak about harmful witches who have the ability to change into an animal. They can also possess them.      

La Zona del Silencio (Zone of Silence)

You will sense something off about this place on your own. This 30-odd square-mile region is located in the middle of Mexico’s northern desert. There are many legends associated with this place, prominent of them is about three people who visit the place frequently to help those in need. According to popular belief, there are two men and one woman who speaks Spanish goes door to door and asks homeowners to pour fresh water in their canteens and disappears. On being asked where are they from they answered they come “from above.” Nobody knows whether it’s a myth or true but the scale of possibility tipped little more towards its possibility when a researcher too got helped by three people when he got lost resembling the earlier mentioned trio. Strangely, the trio disappeared after helping him getting back to his camp.    

Crooked Forest

Look at the trees of this forest aren’t they strange-shaped? This is a jungle located in far-western Poland in the vicinity to the German border. Surprisingly, the tree in that forest grows at an angle of 90-degree at their base. No one is clear about the reason. What more, around the crooked forest is a non-crooked forest of trees. The trees shoot up straight. It was in the 1930s the Crooked Forest trees were planted and the curve on the tree came about after 10 years. According to a theory, this strange shape of these trees is caused by some a gravitational pull that is very strong on this part of Earth.

Plain Of Jars

These are massive stone jars found in Laos. Though nobody knew where did it come from, there are many stories justifying the existence of these jars. One of them calls it the last remnants of giants’ society and their king who used to keep rice wine in it. There is one more explanation that sees these jars as the collector of rainwater or perhaps was used as funerary urns. The theory regarding the urns appears to be closest to the reality as human remains have been found in proximity to jars.